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Nov 17, 2013 2:05pm EST
, in commodities not until well into the 17th century when they were used exclusively for reading. if you are literate, you might have eyeglasses. you'd never have eyeglasses if you are not literary. i classes are inspector broke from printing an expansion of literacy. people you spectacles to read printed books. you can see the first popular advertisement from 1644 what i classes like date and how they were described. these are no spectacles or birch spectacles to sit on the bridge of her nose. this is a great portrait from dorchester in 1670 holderman in his hand. they're very tiny. but they're always been this portraits associate with bucks because the whole point is in order to read a book. but the very existence of spectacles, though very funny people have been an only son for reading in the age isaac newtons optics actually inspired all kinds are thinking about seeing an active site. tanks and ideas about different point of view and distortion. the john donne observed that when the outlook is your spectacles, small things seem great. spectacles made small things bigger. wearing them
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1